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Heavenly Hair was established in summer 2012 following many  years of experience in the hairdressing industry , dedicating time and knowledge  to create a much more eco friendly, chemical free hair products that goes from

basic care of hair cleansing and deep repairing conditioners, to organic hair colouring, making this market much more appealing to costumers whom do not want to deal with regular hair damage and, the worry of not being able to maintain balanced healthy hair.

We are located, in the heart of Ealing residential area of Pitshanger village, where you can experience, a truly community feel as well as, a relaxing environment for you, to enjoy during your staying. Also the free parking availability, will most certainly help you indulging in a delicious italian coffee and a choice of herbal/fruity teas, without having to rush out.

Our friendly staff will always welcome you and make you feel at home.

                                                   "Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit.

Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness"



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